Our anchor and CPO: Chief Positivity Officer, Diane [aka Linda] is one-part sunshine, one-part laughter with a sprinkle of lightening. She has an unparalleled passion for compassion. A craft fair fanatic, flea market maven, and gardener extraordinaire, she is highly credentialed and experienced in the fabulous world of Certified Dental Assisting, Diane is a soul-shining ray of light and the rainbow to someone’s cloud.



All hail the Floss Boss! The Dental Diva! The Princess of Prophylaxis! Saving the world from the scourge of gingivitis, Jamie believes that 80% of life’s problems can be solved by proper oral hygiene, the other 20% is on you. Scrapbooking also helps. She is our Director of Office Sunshine and our resident Tooth Fairy. She is sure to make your dental experience magical.