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Here, we are a one-stop shop for comprehensive dental services. We believe in customer care and thoroughness, taking the time to diagnose and treat you so that you can achieve longer-lasting results that you are happy with. Our best dentist in Albany, NY, will listen to you and educate you on the treatments you are receiving. We want you to feel like you can come to us for your dental needs. Our office is open Monday-Friday, and we welcome you to call anytime to schedule your visit with our caring dentist and team. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Dr. Vasu

Dr. Srinivas Iragavarapu

Dr. Srinivas Iragavarapu, or “Dr. Vasu”, uses his passion for dentistry to improve your smile. He combines the latest technology with compassionate care to give you an experience you can appreciate at 1021 Dental. Whatever you need to improve your smile, Dr. Vasu will help you in whatever way he can.

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In our quest to make your experience with us as convenient as possible, we have provided our patient portal: an online access portal that you can enter for more information regarding patient forms and financial options. Let us help you make your visit with us a little easier.

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