November Blog

November BlogNovember. Already. The month of giving thanks and pumpkin pie. This November, maybe looking a little different than before but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all still finding ways to make it special. In our office this year we are doing our first collaboration with Capital City Rescue Mission of Albany, NY. We are starting early to help spread a little holiday cheer and help gather food donations that will feed over 300 families in our community on Thanksgiving. The Capital City Rescue Mission is a wonderful organization that clothes, shelters and provides meals every day to local men, women, and children.

November is not only a month of turkey and comfort foods, but it is also National Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes affects almost 1/3rd of people in America. Caused by an imbalance of blood sugar levels, diabetes has the potential to lead to many other diseases including gum disease. Often, diabetics will notice a dry mouth or increased thirst, often an early warning sign of the disease. It is important as a diabetic to make sure you are taking care of your sugar levels, but also your teeth to improve overall health in your body. Make sure you are brushing and flossing every day and keeping up with your routine dental check up appointments. If you are noticing anything abnormal in your mouth, be sure to inform us right away.

With the end of the year fastly approaching many of you missing a few months of appointments due to our shutdown, there is ample opportunity to use the rest of your dental benefits before they expire soon. Don’t let your money go to waste this year. We can help you.

We are very grateful to have all of your trust and confidence in us as we continue to all go through this pandemic together. We have many new safety protocols put in place and rest assured we are doing everything within our potential to keep you and your family as safe as possible. This November, we have many things to be thankful for. Our health, a supportive team, and patients who know us and make every challenging day a little brighter. Our office wishes you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving this year.

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