March Blog


March. The month winter slowly fades away and flowers begin to bloom. I know for most of us, this winter has felt never-ending. With a winter full of quarantines and snow, there is much to look forward to! One thing that may have not been a priority is getting in for your routine dental cleaning and checkup. And we understand. Life has been crazy for all of us but getting back into a dental care routine is essential for your oral health.

March is national kidney month.  Both tooth decay and gum disease can lead to infections that can cause problems for people with kidney disease.  A study in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology reported that people with kidney disease and those on dialysis are more likely to have periodontal disease and other oral health problems than the general population. It is especially important to stay on top of your periodontal cleanings and not delay treatment.

The weather is getting brighter, so should your smile! Did you know that we have take-home whitening kits that you can purchase at our office? Our pre- filled whitening trays uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that whitens deep in the enamel. They are easy to use and mold to any smile for a comfortable fit. These will also leave your breath feeling refreshed with its mint flavor.  You can purchase a kit at your dental appointment, or you can stop in separately for one. Please give us a call ahead of time to be sure we have kits in stock.

We now have a personalized video of our office showing all our COVID-19 safety protocols we follow. It can be found on our website or Facebook page. Most of you that have been in since we reopened know just how seriously we are taking precautions and working hard to keep our patients and staff safe. It was a pleasure to put together a video to show everyone that we are providing the highest standard of care that we possibly can. We hope you feel confidence to return for a dental cleaning soon. We are currently booking appointments through the summer.

We will have a spring themed giveaway posted later this month and you can visit our Facebook page 1021 Dental for any other office updates.

Happy March and we hope to see you all soon. 😊



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