February 2021 Blog

February is not only the month of hearts and cupid, but it is also national Children’s Dental Health Month! Last year we were able to celebrate by visiting different elementary schools and teaching the students about their oral hygiene. It was a wonderful experience and although we cannot do the same this year, we would still like to educate our parents and kids about children’s dental needs. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child go to the dentist usually around the age of 1 for their first checkup or within 6 months of their first erupted tooth. Cavities are quite common in children and often go unnoticed, so it is important to get your child on a cleaning routine when they are young. Fluoride is one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities. Many of us do not have access to fluoride in our water so it is important to explore other options to get fluoride to protect your child’s teeth.
Help your child feel more comfortable with their first dental visit by watching positive videos of other children visiting the dentist. Find books at your local library, and talk to them about what will happen before they come in. Invest in a children’s electric toothbrush and you can keep a few different flavors of toothpaste on hand to keep brushing exciting. Find new recipes that are family-friendly, that you may be able to engage your child in to help making and replace a sugary treat to help prevent tooth decay. You can keep a calendar of daily brushing and put stickers when completed to reward them and help get them in a habit. These are just a few tips that you can do to help your child make long-term healthy dental care habits.

In our office, we are still ensuring every patient is met with our highest standard of care with continuing all our COVID-19 safety protocols. From virtual check-ins to electronic billing, we continue to prescreen every patient and continue to work to keep all our patients and staff as healthy and safe as possible.

Also, we wanted to say thank you to all our patients who donated throughout our helping hands project for The Capital City Rescue Mission of Albany, NY. Your generosity is so incredibly appreciated! Our Valentine’s basket winner for our social media page giveaway will be posted on Feb 9th, 2021. Stay tuned for our next giveaway later this spring.
Have a great February- we are almost through the cold winter! See you soon 😊

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