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Have you been noticing that many people today have very white and bright smiles? If so, it is not due to the fact that you are simply noticing this more. The truth is, today teeth whitening is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic dental procedures. If you want to have a whiter and brighter smile as well, this will be easy to attain by visiting our cosmetic dentist. When you want to get teeth whitening in Albany, simply make an appointment to see us at 1021 Dental.

At 1021 Dental our fine dentists are Dr. Allan L. Nahman and Dr. Lee T. Barclay. Our entire practice is devoted to clinical excellence and superior client care. We truly value our patients and always strive to provide them with the very best care and service. We know that many of our patients are interested in getting teeth whitening in Albany. For that reason we are happy to be able to provide two teeth whitening options. Teeth whitening can either be performed in-office or through an at-home kit which we will provide to our patients. Both forms of teeth whitening have their advantages and preference is simply a personal decision based on which procedure is most appealing to you.

When you have teeth whitening in Albany at our office you will be sitting in our dentist’s chair for about an hour. Generally our patients only need to have one teeth whitening session. Results are immediate and dramatic. Patients like the convenience of not needing to use the kit at home. Other patients enjoy using the take home kit. This treatment is much more gradual and whitening effects will be less dramatic. Some patients like this as they do not want to be noticed as having just had their teeth whitened. Also, some patients like to have the control of being able to select the exact level of whiteness. When the desired level of whiteness is reached our patient simply needs to stop performing the whitening procedure. Our cosmetic dentist will give instructions beforehand so that you will be able to safely and effectively use the kit at home. If you would like to meet with our cosmetic dentist and learn which teeth whitening option might be best for you, contact our office today for an appointment.

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