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When you look at your teeth in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? It wasn’t all that long ago when you just had to live with teeth that were stained or discolored. Options today are plentiful, but you should be wary of over the counter products. Some of them do a decent job, but some of them also cause damage to your tooth enamel, exactly what you don’t want. At 1021 Dental, we offer a quick and effective take home bleaching system that is also completely safe. With our teeth whitening in Albany, you’ll be able to achieve noticeably whiter teeth in just a few short days.

We know that our valued patients have busy schedules. You don’t have the time to keep making trips to see our cosmetic dentist and that’s a big benefit of our take home bleaching system. Just one trip here is all you’ll need. And don’t worry. We will make certain that you know exactly how to use our teeth whitening in Albany. It’s perfectly simple and we’ll provide step by step instructions.

Why do teeth become stained or discolored to begin with? Some of it is just a natural part of the aging process. Yes, as you get older, your tooth enamel starts to wear down. And this reveals the tissue underneath, which just happens to be duller and less white. Personal habits also contribute to the change in tooth color and that can happen at any age. Coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, curry, and berries are just a few of the foods and beverages that are known to cause tooth staining. In addition, using tobacco- and that includes smokeless varieties- is a major culprit in altering your tooth color. Some medications, like tetracycline, are also problematic in leading to discoloration of your teeth. The good news is that our teeth whitening in Albany will be able to achieve outstanding results in most cases, regardless of how your teeth became stained. Certainly, if you have only mild discoloration, you will get quicker and more impressive outcomes than if your teeth are severely yellowed or brown. But even the most discolored teeth should see significant improvement.

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