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If you have teeth that need to be restored your problem can easily be solved by getting dental crowns. Dental crowns are generally made of porcelain and are constructed to entirely cover a tooth on all four sides. Since the porcelain crown itself is very strong, this will allow the tooth to improve its function by being able to withstand vigorous chewing forces. It can also be used to improve the look of a damaged tooth. If you are interested in getting dental crowns to restore a tooth or teeth, you will want to see our expert dentist in Albany at 1021 Dental.

At our dental practice we are very happy to have two highly-trained dentists available to help our patients. Our dentists are Dr. Allan L. Nahman and Dr. Lee T. Barclay. They provide many patients with dental crowns to help in a variety of dental situations. Porcelain crowns are now commonly used by our dentist in Albany as the top portion of a dental implant. Once the dental implant root has become permanently fused to the jawbone, the porcelain crown is attached and the dental implant is complete. Dental crowns are also used to help restore teeth that have serious cosmetic problems. For example, if a tooth is severely discolored and worn it may be in need of being strengthened and cosmetically fixed. In a situation such as this a dental crown will be the perfect dental solution to both improving the look of the tooth and strengthening it, as well.

Our dentist in Albany will also use dental crowns to help restore teeth after a root canal procedure. After a root canal a tooth may be weakened due to a lot of tooth material having been removed during the procedure. However, it is still better to have the permanent tooth in place. A dental crown will strengthen the tooth so that it will be fully functional once more. Another common situation is that a patient has a tooth that has received a lot of dental fillings over the years. Perhaps the tooth is a back molar that cannot be easily reached with brushing. When a tooth has a lot of filling material it may become at risk for developing a crack, or for one of the fillings to crack. If this happens the tooth will become infected and a root canal treatment will be needed. However, if the tooth is covered with a dental crown it will remain strong and healthy. If you would like to see our dentist in Albany regarding getting a dental crown to restore your tooth, contact us for an appointment.

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