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Having a complete and even smile sounds like a cosmetic dental issue, and while it can certainly be considered so, it is also a dental health concern as well. Having an even bite means that your teeth are working properly and that they are evenly distributing any stress and strain that you might be experiencing, so if you have any broken teeth or uneven teeth then your dental health may be suffering as a result. In order to restore teeth, then our best dentist in Albany here at 1021 Dental can help. By applying custom-made and custom designed dental crowns, your teeth and your smile can be finally restored as well as your dental health.

There are several reasons why people might require dental crowns. For the most part, dental crowns are applied two teeth that have recently undergone some form of oral surgery that has involved the removal of sections of teeth. This might occur after root canal therapy or a similar procedure in which decayed portions of an affected tooth have been removed in order to treat said tooth. Sections of teeth may also be removed in the event that they have been damaged, and in other cases these sections of teeth may have a broken off entirely because of an accident or an injury. Other individuals may have been born with uneven teeth and may need to have them restored in order to improve the quality of their smile and their overall health. A dental crown is essentially a dental prosthesis that is applied to the affected tooth in the exact shape and size necessary. For example, if a tooth is broken off, then the missing section of the tooth will be made up for with the use of a dental crown. If a tooth is uneven, a dental crown can be used to create a synthetic top for the tooth that can make it even with the teeth adjacent to it. Dental crowns are generally made from a tooth colored resin that is molded into the desired and necessary shape, and then set into place. Crowns can also be used for purely cosmetic reasons such as covering up disc colored or yellow tooth roots. Here at 1021 Dental our best dentist in Albany will make sure that your dental crowns are made to look as natural as possible so that you have a completely seamless smile as a result.

Dental crowns can be used for medical or cosmetic reasons, and sometimes for both. In any case, dental crowns are used to restore teeth and to restore smiles. If you are in need of any dental crowns or if you need dental crowns repaired then all you have to do is call us here at 1021 Dental and book your appointment with our best dentist in Albany today.

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