Albany Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening in Albany

Have you decided that you would like your smile to be whiter and brighter? If so you are not alone. Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available today. Many patients come to our office wanting to get their teeth whitened by our cosmetic dentist. If you would like a procedure done by our cosmetic dentist such as teeth whitening or another Albany cosmetic dentistry service, contact our practice today.
At our dental practice, 1021 Dental, we are happy to have to expert dentists on staff. They are Dr. Allan L. Nahman and Dr. Lee T. Barclay. We are happy to be able to provide two different types of teeth whitening options. We offer an in office teeth whitening option which takes place in the dentist’s chair. We also offer an at-home teeth whitening kit. If you have teeth that are stained, or simply want to make your teeth whiter and brighter, the teeth whitening and bleaching procedure is for you. Teeth whitening is a cost-effective way of making a dramatic change to your smile. Our patients are always very excited to see the way teeth whitening can improve the look of their smile. Our Albany cosmetic dentistry practice also provides many other cosmetic dental services including dental veneers, dental bonding, and dental crowns.

When you have teeth whitening performed at our Albany cosmetic dentistry practice, any brown and yellow staining on your teeth will be removed. Many patients prefer to have the teeth whitening procedure performed in office because dramatic changes will occur over one short one-hour visit. Our at-home teeth bleaching kit is also very popular. However changes take place over the course of several days. Oftentimes either option will work fine but it is best to meet with our dentist to review exactly what results you wish to gain with our teeth bleaching procedure. Our dentist will then be able to let you know which service should work best for you. The length of time you teeth whitening lasts in part depends upon your personal habits including what beverages you drink, what foods you eat, and whether or not you smoke. In general, the procedure results can last for one or more years. For a consultation with our dentist, contact us today.

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